No matter, what your body size is, the fashion has no rules, and it is all about to be fun, creative and a way to express yourself with your dressing style. Simply wear what you want; what makes you feel comfortable and stop thinking about what others will think about what you wear or not.

These statements are meant for plus-size women who live each day with the inferiority that always makes them confused about how they look or what should or should not be worn or what would look good on their heavy body and several other doubts.

For apple-shaped plus size women, they have ‘top heavy’ which means broad torso, broad shoulders and a wide waist, bust and upper back, also they usually have slimmer legs, hips and arms.

If you are the one with apple shape figure, you need not feel ashamed of your weight and body, instead, you should be proud of yourself. You will also be amazed to find a huge collection of dresses for apple shaped plus size that helps greatly in flattering your look. Also, these dressing tips will help you to achieve your styling goals.



The tops with scoop, square and v-necklines draw attention off the bulky tummy and keep eyes up towards your face. If you have a small bust, you can opt for tops with turtleneck or halter neck. If you have a large chest, you require showing some skin or choose layers to break up the upper chest, if not you may end up looking full-figured.

You need to choose bras that keep your breast loaded up and off your tummy. It is important to give a perfect shape to your upper body as those saggy breasts can make you look frumpy and old. You can also choose to wear tummy shapewear to minimize the fatty look.

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Empire waist tops, tops with flared sleeves and tops with a knot at the bust also work great in drawing attention away from your belly. Always stay away from baggy tops as it will only leave you look bigger.



When about wearing jeans, pants or trousers for women with apple shape, the best idea is to balance your bulky tummy with a boot cut, straight or trouser leg. Some may suggest you stay away from skinny jeans and jeggings, but if you wear them in a flattering way, they may suit you, but not for all. Always choose pants with smooth front or pants with zippers at the sides or pants with stretch to add extra comfort for your tummy and a good fit.

Never pick the pleated pants or pants with pockets, as they will make your waist and bust look larger and fuller. Pants with a high rise will also go perfect in creating a nice shape. Choosing trouser jeans is not a bad idea at all.



Wearing a skirt helps apple shaped plus size women to show off their nice legs. But make sure to keep them on or below the knee. The skirts above the knee will make your top body look heavy. A-lines skirts are always recommended for an apple shape to flatter your look. You can also go for a flared skirt with a nice top to balance your upper and lower body.

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For pleated skirts, make sure that your skirt has pleats which start below the belly as it helps in avoiding extra volume. If you want to wear a structured pencil skirt, try to keep it at knee length. You can pair your skirt with the top that complements your look with the tips above.



The dress with a tie at the waist helps a lot in adding definition to your figure, so you can wear such kind of dresses for apple shaped plus size without any worry about your look. It would be great to opt for a dress with A-line or a continuous pattern on it. You can also pair your dress with an opened jacket having nipped at the waist.

An empire waist dress works perfect in adding a sense of curviness, but it should not have a lot of gathering at the banding while a wrap dress with wrap below the bust looks wonderful on you, but make sure it should not have a wrap around the tummy. A wrongly chosen dress pattern can make you look pregnant. Make sure never to wear baggy dresses for apple shaped plus size as such dresses put more attention to your waistline.



Nothing can be compared with a structured jacket over a loose dress or a long skirt, but make sure that a jacket you are going to wear will ends at your hips. Wearing a jacket with a length that ends at the tummy puts more focus on your tummy. Also, never ever think of wearing a double-breasted jacket as they make you look over busty and broad. You can also wear any long and straight fit jacket for a perfect look.



Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what to choose when going to shop for pants, skirts, jackets or dresses for apple shaped plus size.

Always remember to keep on experimenting with different dressing style. You can make your shopping less frustrating when you know which style and pattern will look perfect on you.

Flatter your figure with the right dressing style and look fabulous.

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