Dressing tips for plus size woman

If you are just hesitating to buy that beautiful red gown or those sexy blue denim short because you think your body is slightly on the heavier side, then hold on! So what? There are numerous sizes or waist and fitting available in malls, which definitely mean that the stylist has kept you guys in mind too while designing the dress.



  1. Go for cloths that fit perfectly

Try out different sizes while shopping to be careful that you are not missing out on the “perfect size” for you. Different brands will have different sizing


  1. Money in the right undergarments

It is important for you to invest in the right inners as well. They are like the foundation.


  1. Invest in Thigh – High and Knee- Highs

Knee –highs or thigh high help to elongate the legs shifting the focus on your leg and make you look taller and slimmer.


  1. Choose the correct fabrics

Every person’s body is different and a fabric that suits your friend, may not suit you choose fabrics that flatters your body type.


  1. Go in for monochromes

If you are very confused about which designs and patters will suit your body, then just shut all those confusions and go for monochromes


  1. Choose simple V-Necks for those Casual Outings

Because they elongate your neckline and make your face and upper body look thin. You can experiment with colors


  1. Flip between high waists and low waists

When you go for trousers or denims, prefer low waists and choose slimmer waistlines with high waist dresses


  1. Go for long tops

Long tops, mean, those that go atleast till your knee because they help your body look elongated and tell.


  1. Choose tailoring over ready – made garments

This is suggested because there is no doubt in the fact that tailored clothes fit better than readymade garments


  1. Choose prints wisely

The bigger the prints or the horizontally oriented ones are worst enemy. Though, a vertically more elongated body line will make you look slimmer.



Styling is all about how you flaunt the best assets of your body and hide those flaws or parts that you are not very confident of. Simple isn’t it? Now that you are all set to rock, why not keep in some dressing tips for plus size women in mind to carry it off in vogue.

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