Tips For Shopping Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dresses

As a thoughtful bride, it goes without saying that you want each of your leading ladies to look and feel amazing on your big day. When you have curvier ladies in your squad, it’s especially important that you consider their needs as you shop for plus-size bridesmaid dresses.


Although it’s become a lot easier to accommodate plus-size bridesmaids, there are still a few challenges that come with finding the perfect gown for gals in the 20+ size range. Before you fall in love with any particular dress style, here are a few tips to ensure that your plus-size bridesmaids are comfortable from start to finish.


  1. Pick Flattering Silhouettes

Not all dress silhouettes are created equal. As much as you’d like to have your entire squad wear mermaid-style dresses, this waist-accentuating style would likely send your apple-shaped bridesmaids into panic mode.


Instead, consider choosing empire waist bridesmaid dresses for your gals. This style is much more forgiving because the style flows gently over curves and trouble spots.




A-line dresses are another solid option for plus-size bridesmaids. This style tends to define and highlight curves as opposed to hiding them and looks especially flattering on pear shapes.


  1. Let Your Bridesmaids Choose The Style

If you don’t want to stress over choosing a flattering silhouette for each member of your bride tribe, consider having your gals wear mismatched bridesmaid dresses. This trend makes it super simple for everyone to find a bridesmaid dress they love.


There are several ways to wear mismatched bridesmaid dresses. If you’re shopping for plus-sized bridesmaids, the easiest way to rock this look is to have everyone wear the same color while allowing them to pick the style. This way, everyone can choose a dress style that makes them look and feel gorgeous.


  1. Keep Shapewear In Mind

Many plus-size bridesmaids will want to wear shapewear such as Spanx underneath their bridesmaid dresses. Shapewear can help smooth bumps while providing added support underneath the dress.


Before you shop for bridesmaid dresses, instruct your bridesmaids to bring their shapewear to dress shopping and fittings. You can simply lump shapewear into the list of items they should bring for dress shopping (such as heels and accessories) to avoid making it awkward.


  1. Consider Ordering Extra Fabric

Some bridal outfitters will give brides the option of ordering extra fabric for plus-size bridesmaids. If your bridesmaid exceeds the largest offered size, the additional fabric can be used to modify the dress so that it fits her.


  1. Give Yourself Time For Alterations

Speaking of alterations, remember to plan for multiple dress fittings and alterations. A plus-size bridesmaid dress isn’t magically going to fit every plus-size gal. Besides, your average-sized bridesmaids will also need alterations for any number of reasons, from hemmed dresses to taking in a dress in the bust.




plus size bridesmaid dress alterations




To give yourself enough time for fittings and alterations, order your dresses at least six months before your big day. Similarly, don’t wait to book an appointment with your seamstress once your dresses arrive. By taking care of this wedding task sooner rather than later, you’ll be doing everyone’s stress levels a huge favor.


  1. Ask Your Bridesmaids For Input

If you aren’t a plus-size yourself, it can be difficult to anticipate all the challenges that come with shopping for curvy bridesmaids. To avoid stepping on any toes or accidentally causing hurt feelings, regularly touch base with your plus-size bridesmaid throughout the dress shopping process.


Don’t be afraid to ask her for input on certain bridesmaid dress styles. You don’t need to make it all about her. Just ask her if there is anything you can do to make sure that everyone in your bridal party is comfortable on your big day.


She’s bound to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Besides, she might come up with a clever idea that you would never have thought of if you hadn’t asked.

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